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Soon on BGA...

"After days in the jungle, we finally found the ruins of a mysterious temple. Above the entrance, an old mosaic. We immediately felt this sign was important. Something was going to happen..."


Good guessing :)
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8 Masters' Revenge : fury mode!

Starting today you can enjoy the astonishing Fury mode for 8 Masters' Revenge.

By selecting this new mode, you can use a special ability which depends on the character you choose. As soon as you have 2 cards of the same color on your board at the beginning of a turn, your character enters in "fury" state and is able to use his/her special ability. This new mode makes the game extremely rich and with the number of characters available each game is completely different.

If you didn't have a chance to play 8 Masters' Revenge until now, this is a fight game from Ludovic Roudy and Bruno Sautter (Serious Poulp).

The first rule of 8 Masters' Revenge Fight Club is: talk to everyone about it, because it's a great game.
The second rule is: Your only weapons are your 2 hands, represented by the 2 cards you have in play.
The terrible third rule is: You start with 10 health points and, yeah, this is way not enough.

And finally, the most important rules of the game are:
  • Each card has 2 numbers: one on the left, one on the right.
  • You always have 2 cards in play (your 2 hands), and they are always side-by-side.
  • Each time you play a new card on the left of your 2 cards, the card that is not adjacent to the new card is discarded (the blow is dealt).
  • The sum of the 2 numbers in the center of your 2 cards is your attack value.
  • The sum of the 2 numbers at both ends of your 2 cards is your defense value.
  • If you manage to play a card and make sure your attack matches your opponent's defense, you do a successful hit and may deal damages.

Of course each card has a special effect that introduces nice tricks. For example you can place traps in your opponent's area (or cards), and then drag him on them, inflicting plenty of damages in the process. Yes, this feels awfully good.

To survive in this game, pay attention to your defense value. Cards go from 1 to 5, and consequently with defense values such as 2 or 10 you will be very difficult to hit.

8 Masters' Revenge BGA adaptation has been developed by Pascal Bisset using BGA Studio. Pascal did a splendid graphic job on this adaptation, and I hope you'll enjoy this. Thank you !! Note that the new effects are quite complex so this game will stay in "beta" mode for a while: do not hesitate to report us any bugs you encounter while playing.

Board Game Arena would like to thank the Serious Poulp team for this wonderful game. 8 Masters' Revenge is the second game from Serious Poulp after Steam Torpedo, and these 2 games are really original and great! Thank you!

Now it's time to fight...

Read the rules
10/11/2014 Skomentuj to
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New navigation bar design + Checkers

You certainly noticed this new navigation bar at the top of Board Game Arena.

From 2009 and the first version of Board Game Arena, we tried to constantly adapt the website to make it more beautiful, more modern and more compliant with new technical requirements. This would way be more easy to let the website as it is, but the service design would quickly looks very outdated.

Speaking of outdated, we created a short presentation with the evolution of the design of this service from the very first "Tournoi en ligne" website to the current Board Game Arena. We hope that you'll find with this presentation that this service is evolving in the right direction, because we won't stop improving it :)

Because a good news never comes alone, we also published a new classic game: Checkers. There is of course a lot of website where you can play Checkers online, but now there is also Board Game Arena :)

And by the way, let's see you in 3 days for another good news!

10/07/201411 komentarzy
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My BGA story episode 3

Some time ago, we asked you to share with us your nicest stories with Board Game Arena.

Today, we publish a story from Riccardo. Thank you for playing & loving BGA!

I am writing to tell you the story of a special encounter I've made thanks to BGA.

Glocko and I (nickname: artax) played together for the first time almost a year ago, on 25 July 2013 to be precise (Troyes n° 4805887). At the end of the game, we started to chat: seeing a Belgian flag next to my nickname, Glocko told me that he was about to move from Australia to Brussels with his family for some time. We then exchanged contact details by e-mail and actually met soon after in real life. I was delighted to have a new gaming friend from so far away and to be introduced to his wife and two teenage children, who also greatly enjoy playing board games. Since then we've been playing together once a week in real life and a few other times on BGA, too. Needless to say, I couldn't have met Glocko if it hadn't been for BGA.
Everytime we meet to play in real life, it's also the opportunity to learn more about different cultures (they are Australian and I am Italian) and to practise my English. I was very lucky to meet these wonderful people, who are now among my best friends in Brussels. So much so that they all attended my wedding in Tournai earlier this year.

To share with us your nicest story with Board Game Arena, please write to contact@boardgamearena.com with subject "My BGA story".
09/27/20143 komentarzy
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New chat & notification system

We are experimenting today a new chat/notification system on BGA main website.

Until now, chat messages from different sources were mixed up at the bottom left of BGA. With this new system, each conversation gets its own dedicated space. Discussion history is also displayed from top to bottom - which is more logical.

If this is satisfying, we may use this system also into the games in order to make a clear separation between the chat messages and the history logs.

Don't hesitate to give us your feedback about this system.

UPDATE: following your feedback, the new system has been updated:
  • General messages are now back to the bottom left space.
  • Size of the chat windows has been reduced.
09/23/201437 komentarzy

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